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Our customers have confirmed that implementing our solutions in their organizations is fast, easy and effective.

BeezNest is an information technology consultancy and software development company founded in 2002 in Luxembourg. Currently at its heart, best practices of e-learning and high-availability infrastructure services make it a great partner for the implementation of large-scale information management projects. Today, BeezNest has more than 300 customers around the world, in about 15 different industries, of which more than 1 million learners depend each day.

We work from our branches in Belgium, Spain, France and Peru with the best Open Source technologies, for which we maintain a pro-active technology watch. This is why more than 50% of our yearly profits are invested back into free software as Chamilo LMS and other projects that we use regularly.

BeezNest is the company leading the development of the Chamilo LMS platform, reknown for its ease of use, flexibility, integrability and scalability.

  • Mission

    Satisfying the training and technological needs of businesses interested in offering higher-efficiency training leading to increased productivity and competitivity from its employees, managers, teachers and students.

  • Vision

    Become a business leader in training platforms services, engaged in improving education with the help of information technology.

  • Why choose us?

    • We build software that are a PLEASURE to use
    • We are fast, efficient and only hire good hearted people
    • We have a team of developers previously evaluated and currently certified in the relevant technologies
    • Our team is inspired by education, driving innovation and usability at the heart of our projects
    • We are honest. We won’t develop your project if we feel we won’t be able to make it match your expectations
    • Support, guarantee and (verifiable) experience in software development

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