Admin CVS on RH FC2

This article was first written in July 2005 for the BeezNest technical
website (


This article mainly describes several tricks to admin a CVS install on RHFC2.

Adding a user

Adding a user for pserver is done by updating the CVSROOT/passwd file in the CVS modules repository. The passwords there are encrypted using the htpasswd utility, so use it like this:

cd /home/cvs/cvsroot/CVSROOT
htpasswd passwd user1
Please enter password: _

If the user is not a system user, you need to add a little something to the passwd file to authorize him as another user. Guessing that the CVS system user on that server is called “cvs”, update the corresponding line in passwd by trailing “:cvs”.

If needed (it shouldn’t be) restart the server by restarting xinetd.

Removing a user

Removing a user is done the same way as adding one, except for the command line being

htpasswd -D passwd user1
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