Gradebooks and certificates for Dokeos

I’m currenty doing two things in Dokeos

  1. adding and extending the gradebook extension (originally developed by Bert Steppé and Stijn Konings while on internship at Hogeschool Gent)
  2. adding a certificates system, based on the gradebook (or more precisely on an evaluation from the gradebook), so that a student can print a certificate once he has succesfully completed an evaluation/course/learning-process

The first part is almost complete (added the learning paths as a evaluable resource and allowed evaluations to spread over several courses). There is still some integration to be done, and study around the PDF library in use (the ezpdf code is a bit unclear about its license), but the thing works, mainly.

The second part is something that is actively asked by medium and large companies, where a need for a notion of “completion” appears. They want to know who “finished” a course, and because of the very interactive and community aspect of Dokeos, it is hard to tell when a course in itself should be “finished” (a course can include forums, chat, works, etc).
The gradebook extension adds the notion of achievable goals inside one or several courses. You can subscribe an evaluation in the form of a quiz, a work, an assignment or a learning path, give them rankings, and assign a weight to any resource (although the weight is not documented enough at this stage to be considered very usable). Once a student has reached the minimum score for the whole evaluation, he is considered as having succeeded in this evaluation (achievable goal).

The second part will thus add an HTML and PDF certificate to this, to make it possible to print out the fact that he succeeded in the exam.

** 2008-01-13 update **

The gradebook integration is now available on the Dokeos demo website.

** 2008-01-23 update **

To answer Krishnesh’s comment, the gradebook and certificate features should be ready by mid- or end-february, when Dokeos 1.8.5 is released.

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  • Interesting thought and post … i am myself a dedicated user of dokeos (PCVo Ghent) and i am always intersted in the evolutions. So i will bookmark your wordpress blog definitely


  • Am eagerly waiting for the certificate feature in Dokeos. Would really appreciate it if you could give a tentative month by which it is expected to be ready. Thanks a lot for making our lives easier.

  • Thank you for the prompt response.

  • Hi,

    I was just following to find out if this development was added to Dokeos.


    • Hi Alex,

      Actually yes, the development made its way into Dokeos 1.8.5 last year (June) but it was a bit impractical to use. We have improved that in 1.8.6 (last June) and it is now integrated into the courses themselves. We then started improving it again for the professional version of Dokeos (you can edit your certificates by course, limit the automatic generation of new ones, and have an interface to follow them) but for now it is only available in the pro version.

      • Thank You,

        Quick question, how much does the pro version cost? If I buy pro and I need further customization, is there an available/ dedicated team that I can hire their services?


    • Hi Alex,

      Yes, there is a dedicated team available, but developments are additional to the cost of the pro version. For a quote on Dokeos Pro, please send a request for information to info _at_ or _at_ if you are based in South America.

      To refine my answer a little, we have a team of 10 developers in total, 30% in Europe, 70% in South America (these are under my direct management here in Peru, and I am Belgian, if that matters in terms of trust).

  • I am interested in purchasing the Pro version so that it will not be hosted by Dokeos. I want to purchase it to install it on my own servers.
    Do you have that option available?

    • Hi BB,
      Contacting you by e-mail in a few minutes. Generally speaking, it helps to mention where you’re from (country) so as to assign you to the right Dokeos partner.

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