Howto stop a MacBook from heating and being noisy

My brother sent me a link this week-end to a blog article talking about a patch for the Radeon graphics card of my MacBook Pro. Well, I just tried it and I must say it is working *wonderfully well*. Since I activated the energy economy mode on my graphics card using the patched radeontool utility (read the manual first), I can barely hear my laptop, it is not heating as much (although it’s not *cold* either) and I haven’t tried it but they say it also improves battery time (which seems logical given that it heats less and ventilates less).

Once installed, you should use it using one of the three commands below:

sudo ./radeontool power status
sudo ./radeontool power low
sudo ./radeontool power full

I highly recommend it for MacBook Pro + Linux owners.

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