Back from holiday

I’m back on track now and preparing Dokeos 1.8.5 which release has officially been announced for 19th of April 2008 in the March Newsletter. As usual, there will be a Beta and possibly some Release Candidates one and two weeks before that. We are trying to release a beta next week, I will keep you updated here.

Note that an alpha version with many bugs has already been released internally, and we are submitting the last bugfixes at the moment, but we still have one or two new features to integrate before the beta, which is what is going to take the most time.


  • Do you have a roadmap internally for 1.8.5? I use the svn, but creating tutorials for my teachers this two weeks so it´s good to know about new features.


  • We don’t have a real roadmap, mostly a list of tasks that have to be done by 1.8.5, which you can find on, in the project “Dokeos software”.

    There are tons of tasks in there, but some of them are “scheduled” for integration in Dokeos 1.8.5 and you can filter that by “Due In Version” criteria. For example, this precise search will give you the following results:
    which I now realize are not really giving a complete list.
    OK, for an external person, it’s probably very badly documented. In my defense, we are not many people (although people tend to think that way) so we’re lacking a bit on roadmap reviews 🙂

    By the way, if you actually create tutorials, even in your own language (which I would guess to be Swedish following the address of your blog), we would be more than happy to host them on our servers if they are free to use. We are lacking way behind our objectives in terms of user documentation, and although we continuously try to simplify the interface and improve the documentation we have, we are still trying to find external contributors for documentation.

  • I should add that I honestly believe it is still a bad idea to start doing the tutorials right now as we are improving the interface (information shown in the data tables, mainly) so it will look a bit outdated if you start taking screenshots or screencasts now… From the middle of next week, interface changes should be only occasional and one or two tools will be added in the administration section, but nothing too obvious.

  • Birger Eriksson
    4 April, 2008 at 7:55 am  - 

    Thank you for your answers!
    Then I’ll focus on planing content for my tutorial until end of next week.
    Itś OK for me to give the tutorials to the community, but I am not an expert… I nead them to help my teachers understand and start using Dokeos. Since you are trying so hard to give me a good tool, I will do my best!


  • That’s the spirit. Thank you.

  • We’re a bit late on releasing the beta (it should have been done this friday) but I hope to finish it by Monday evening. This means feature freeze, so as soon as it’s out you can start developing those tutorials…

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