Beta release pushed back (just a little)

I’ve updated the 1.8.5 page, basically to mention that although I had initially planned the beta to be released last Friday, I failed on that predicament and I’m trying to make it ready for tomorrow or Wednesday the 16th. Obviously, the official release date for Dokeos 1.8.5 stable will be pushed back (a lot more, this one) as we want to have a beta, then a release candidate, then a stable release, each of them separated by at least one week to let you guys try it out and report things that are *still* not working.


  • Pushed back a little more. The integration of the LDAP module is not that easy (it involves having a LDAP server configured for testing, which I am doing for the first time), *and* I’m stuck with administrative/legal work, so you’ll have to week to the end of this week or early next week. Sorry about that.

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