Installing OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 7.10

For professional testing, I needed a test installation of an LDAP server.

This has never been easier on an Ubuntu (and it’s as easy on Debian Etch):

sudo apt-get install slapd

The installer asks you for a password twice (I’ve put “ldap” as it’s just a test install) and then writes a config file in /etc/ldap/slapd.conf and starts the service.

If you go into the config file, you will see that, by default (if it didn’t find any domain name definition) it will put you a cn=admin,dc=nodomain.

To use it easily, why not install phpldapadmin?

sudo apt-get install phpldapadmin

Now get your browser to http://localhost/phpldapadmin/, enter cn=admin,dc=nodomain as a connection string, and the password you gave to the package installer (in my case, ldap) and there you go, full access to your test LDAP directory. Enjoy!

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