Dokeos 1.8.5 RC1, possible last changes and the close future

We officially released 1.8.5 RC1 tonight, although we might alter the package just for two little microscopic changes tomorrow morning (one concerning SCORM export on Dokeos installs that use a subdirectory of the web server document root, and the other implementing a default hiding of the audiorecorder for the learning path building tool).

I think there’s not much to say, other than it’s a *great* unstable release. I find it amazing how much we can progress with a good team. Not in terms of features (there are new features, and they are all interesting), not even in terms of bug fixing (there are tons of bugfixes, I can’t even remember all of them), but in terms of general stability and structure. From Dokeos 1.6, which was pretty much close to a “toy” software (I might be overdoing it a little bit here ;-)), we got into something… really amazing. We have now a full professional e-learning suite that lets you use pretty much any kind of
media, with an incredibly easy-to-use interface, all in a package that can handle without a problem up to 175000 users. It’s just freaky…

We still know how to improve it even more, but now we’re focusing on testing for 1.8.5 stable (which we will probably release within the two next weeks), so feel free to help us get faster there…

Into 1.8.5, we’ve shipped an incredible amount of security improvements, warning and notice messages (that would otherwise make the logs much larger than necessary) and fixed tons of bugs.

So now the question is “Why do others do more sales?”. Well, a huge part of this answer is: marketing. We have to do a huge effort in marketing in the next few months if we want to be able to continue the Dokeos development (which is very expensive, as is all kind of software that you don’t sell in itself and which doesn’t bring much free help). You can have the best product ever, if nobody knows it, it will be totally forgotten sooner than you think.

So if you have leads, if you think your company might benefit from Dokeos and… – why do I want to say “…if no one else can help, and if you can find them…” ? – … at the same time help a great open-source platform to develop… well, don’t hesitate to contact me! It will be my pleasure to follow the lead.