Flash Plugin for Linux 10 beta – Still no V4L2 support


Update: Flash 10 Beta 2 reportedly supports V4L2!
See the link to the Flash Developer blog below for more info.

Following comments on various blogs, Flash 10 beta does apparently not support V4L2 either. I really wasn’t even thinking about any feature to add to my Flash plugin except that… well… looks like we’re going to have to wait for another year or so before we can use video capture with the Flash plugin under Linux.

There are various ways you can try and push Adobe into supporting V4L2 (which, I am told, is probably not *that* big a deal code-wise)

  • you can post a comment about this on the Flash Plugin for Linux developer blog (be kind and constructive)
  • you can fill in a bug report or a feature request on Adobe’s website
  • you can blog about it (making Flash problems known to everyone will avoid the wrong people being accused of developing software that doesn’t work under Linux

Let’s hope for some kind of easy-to-implement, free solution soon.


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