What’s left before 1.8.5 stable…

Not that I’ve been too busy on Dokeos lately (I tend to take my mind off Dokeos for a couple of days after a release), but it’s going to come back very fast now as we are warming up for the last run to Dokeos 1.8.5 stable.

So, what’s on the menu?

Well, apparently there are still *some* bugs about the course copy and SCORM export somehow. Thomas filed a bug for me about this. Although I did really worked my *** off right before RC1, it seems like something is still wrong, so I’ll have to get back to it.

Then apparently we missed a few options in the new “read-only” mode for documents, so I’m going to have a look at that too.

I also have to change a little bit the learning path default view, to reduce the header drastically. The rest will stay, but the header frame will be reduced to 1 pixel (if not removed completely – I can’t see why I couldn’t) and a new button “Back to course” will appear, sending the user… well, back to the course homepage. This comes as *many* (if not all) of our clients are complaining that:

  1. when they develop custom styles, if the header is larger than the default styles, the frames structure of the learning path tool breaks it all
  2. the header takes too much space, while all the user wants is to be able to see the contents of this learning path
  3. it’s pretty ugly to have a framed design. Damnit, we’re in 2008!*

There might be some other minor things I should worry about, like getting a bit more of that multi-campus feature working**, even if it’s not going to be activated in 1.8.5 officially.

In the meantime, I might be up to my first sale here in Perú. I’ll give more info about that (if I can) later on.

As always, I’ll keep you updated as soon as 1.8.5 is out or close-to-being-out.

* I actually tried very hard to get rid of the framed design in Dokeos 1.8.5, but ended up fighting against the different types of contents we received from external sources. If there’s a CSS specialist amongst my readers (I really mean specialist), I want to talk to him!

** The multi-campus feature should allow one campus to be used with different URLs at the same time, with different (limited) configurations, including different stylesheets and sessions.
It’s not working yet but the database structure is ready to accomodate the feature.

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