CSS changes in Dokeos 1.8.5

For the ones of you who are using their own CSS, there are a few changes that have appeared in Dokeos 1.8.5 that might affect you…

First of all, we have removed the “default” style (in the Dokeos package, that is, so it won’t affect you if you are migrating from a 1.8.x). This might affect you if you are upgrading from a 1.6.5, as the upgrade doesn’t handle the preservation of the “default” style, so you first need to copy your “default” style directory over from your old installation, then go into the admin page and change it to the current default, which is “public admin”.

Second, we have added a header and a footer element (look for “corner” in the default.css file) to allow you to style the header a little bit more.

Third, we have fixed the fact that the CSS sheets from the learning path tool were inside the newscorm/ directory. They are now back to the css/[your style]/ directory, which will allow you to finetune them as well.

Fourth, we have *fixed* (I’m hesitating there) the problem of the learning path tool not allowing
the header to be resized (a large header would make the top frame disappear). We know we shouldn’t be using frames, and we tried hard no to, but still, SCORM kinds of blocks you from not using them. So yes, we *fixed* it by removing the top frame, as the Dokeos header just didn’t make sense in this context (it was reducing the view of the actual content which is what everybody wants to see).

Finally, there is now an option to upload new CSS stylesheets directly from the web interface, so you won’t even need to upload your files via FTP anymore. This being said, you need to change the permissions on the main/css directory first, otherwise it won’t let you.

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