22 June, 2008

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  • SSH

    SSH (the Secure SHell) is a secure replacement for many UNIX tools like telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, rlogin, rexec, and many more, which have proven to be insecure, even if most UNIX systems still use them by default, and even Microsoft has now begun to integrate those into his operating systems. I’ll talk about the […]

  • Pagers (more, …)

    Pagers are commonly used under UNIX, because many, many documents are just plain text or text output of other commands or tools. The best known is more because it’s also the oldest still living out there. less or most are clones, which bring together a lot of missing features to more and can be used […]

  • Nagios

    Nagios is a powerful network services monitoring tool. It was previously called NetSaint. It features a lot of agents to monitor a lot of service types and report it several ways, like SMS, web interface, e-mail, print, …. It is easily extensible by custom-made modules written in a lot of languages. You can find a lot […]

  • SPIP Pocket Reference

    What How Example Line break n New paragraph “An empty line” Italic {“text”} italic Bold {{“text”}} bold Typewriter ((“text”)) Typewriter Horizontal line —- Link (absolute) [BeezNest->http://beeznest.net] BeezNest Link (mail) [Nobody->mailto:nobody@spam.foo] Nobody Link (relative) [Label->/] Label Link (internal auto) [->object_name id] SPIP Pocket Reference Image (absolute, relative) <image http://www.debian.org/Pics/logo-50.jpg> Image (absolute, relative) <image http://www.debian.org/Pics/logo-50.jpg 50*30> Image […]

  • Many Open Tools for Windows

    This article was first written in January 2004 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/101) There’s about time relatives of mine don’t want to change their operating system to Linux because they fear to be lost, but commonly use a lot of softwares under “test periods” to assist them in Windows because there’s a natural lack […]