First annoying bug in 1.8.5: learning path theme feature

Yes, we have our first annoying bug in Dokeos 1.8.5. It has a very restricted scope, and only happens once you voluntarily activate a new function, but it is there… When you *upgrade* your portal from anything to a 1.8.5,…

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Chamilo, new course, error about group permissions

There is a common problem appearing when installing a new Chamilo portal that I have seen a lot recently, so I thought I’d share the details here. The problem When installing Chamilo on a cPanel-kind-of-hosting, it might happen that you…

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Mailman – the GNU Mailing List Manager

Mailman is a very flexible and powerful mailing-list manager written in Python. We use it to communicate internally, as well as with partners and customers. It’s fully managable by e-mail or web interface. This article was first written in August…

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