“Business Shame” series introduction

In our business, probably like in every type of business, you stumble once in a while on companies that do the same kind of thing as you do, but that do it so badly that it puts the reputation of your specific sub-indutry in danger.

Sadly, these businesses often survive for a long time repeating their mistakes but frequently renewing their clients base. Over the years, we have grown slowly more disappointed and impatient about these businesses, and we feel that, in our continuous attempt to help make the world a better place, we need to put some kind of incentive for these businesses to improve their services.

Now there is no proper way of doing this. It is definitely considered evil to say bad things about someone else, so what we have decided to do is make a series of article that name and shame these businesses to avoid you, as a customer, being trapped by them as a provider in an awkward situation. We would like you to be aware of the risks, not to avoid you contacting them (you are very welcome to do so), but rather to let you take better decisions and ask for the right kind of guarantees prior to signing a contract. We will also wait for several months and a considerable set of examples before reporting this kind of things, so that no one-shot mistake might be considered as a Business Shame. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s human. We will only consider the repeated and blatant mistakes as candidates. This series has no defined agenda. We will add new cases as we witness them.

Ripping the benefits of the power of web indexation, we are pretty sure that these articles will show high enough in your search results, so that you might consider the additional bit of information and proceed with sound knowledge of what might be coming next.

Considering we are mostly active in Europe, and more precisely in Belgium, most of these Business Shame cases will be about Belgian companies, but we might talk about others from time to time if it proves really important to you.

Articles in this series will be titled “Business Shame – [company name]” and will contain a link to this introduction section, so that you know what it’s about.