Interoperating Quagga or Zebra with NET-SNMP

This article was first written in August 2004 for the BeezNest technical
website (

Quagga is able to publish routing information to SNMP.

When setting up Quagga [1] with NET-SNMP (previously know as UCD-SNMP), you may fall into the problem of Quagga logging a lot of error messages to syslog or to its own logfile.

Let us analyse and fix this kind of error messages in your syslog files:

Aug 30 07:41:40 myhost snmpd[969]: refused smux peer: oid SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3317.1.2.1, descr quagga-0.96.5
Aug 30 07:41:46 myhost snmpd[969]: [smux_accept] accepted fd 11 from

and, in Quagga’s logfile (zebra.log):

2004/08/30 19:40:04 ZEBRA: SMUX_CLOSE with reason: 5

The problem is that our snmpd is currently not allowing Quagga to access it read-write to publish routing information.

To fix it, it is as simple as telling both to communicate and use the same password (for the example, we used mypasswordIsGreat).

Add the following lines in your /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and restart snmpd:

# Activate SNMP for Quagga
smuxpeer . mypasswordIsGreat

Add the following commands in your running zebra process, or in your zebra.conf and restart your service zebra:

smux peer mypasswordIsGreat

[1] or Zebra, of course, as they are (still) almost identical

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