Don’t let yourself get blocked by memory problems

There are a few shortcomings with PHP5, but not so many. One of them, though, is that memory limits are a bit tricky to handle. We don’t handle them very well in Dokeos either, so the results of experiencing a memory limit in Dokeos is this:

Yes, nothing. That’s generally what you would end up with. So if you want to make sure Dokeos can handle pretty much every kind of thing you would want it to do, you would be wise to put a memory limit of at least 8MB in your php.ini file. Yes, 8MB is a lot, and we will be working on this in the future, but at the same time current servers can afford it, even for very large configurations (it’s only a memory “limit”, it doesn’t mean you *have* to use 8MB for each user).

If you are going to play with course copies or SCORM packages import inside Dokeos, make sure you put that limit much higher. Very large SCORM packages tend to use up to 60MB of memory (I think that’s due to our use of PCLZip, but I haven’t had time to investigate this yet).

Memory limit can be changed inside your php.ini configuration file (look for “memory_limit”) or from inside your Apache VirtualHost definition, using a line like this one:

php_admin_value memory_limit 64M

Other settings you might want to change are:

  • post_max_size
  • upload_max_filesize
  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time

These will all affect your large files uploads and long script executions (like large import/export operations).

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