Installing OpenERP on Ubuntu – Creating databases

Following up on my last piece of news about the update put in the OpenERP wiki about installation under Ubuntu, we have come across a problem today (we are still in our testing phase) as we couldn’t create more databases.

Apparently, the problem was due to the terp (Linux) system user not being assigned a bash by default when created by the Ubuntu package.This meant that the request to create a new database being apparently operated from the command line, OpenERP couldn’t execute this operation successfully. Of course, the terp database user also needs the permission to create databases.

You can easily fix that by changing /bin/false to /bin/bash in your /etc/passwd for that user.

I’ve updated the wiki, so read more about this here. The wiki was previously located here, but apparently it’s been silently removed (which I don’t particularly appreciate). Sadly, the new page doesn’t contain the information I added, and I don’t remember the details. So much for trying to help people…

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