cleaned up

Sunday 13th of October 2008, we emptied the portal, after a two-weeks long announcement on the portal homepage to explain how to backup a course and restore it in the new portal. Yet, as planned, we’ve already received about 15 requests to restore courses in just one day, most of them from Latin America, as usual (I might be living there, I never get used to the fact that these people listen much less to what one says – this is a generality, of course, there are *many* exceptions).

Anyway, cleaning the campus was due to one main reason: we reached 32000 courses, and due to that persisting flaw in Dokeos (that is to have one database per course), which will be fixed in Dokeos 2.0, well we reached the maximum number of databases on the system and couldn’t create any more. This, however, is almost impossible to reach on a real-use portal, because 32000 courses is simply unmanageable by whichever organisation.

Cleaning the campus has the double effect of allowing users to start anew with a fresh, light and lightspeed campus, and allowing our server to take a deep breath. This will also cut down upgrade times considerably in the future and might allow us to use it as a confirmation of the fact that UTF-8 works in Dokeos (there are still potentially a few bugs, but we can fix them little by little).

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