Just another speech

Tomorrow night I will be giving a speech about Dokeos and the e-learning in Peru to about 450 to 500 teachers and school directors. This is my biggest audience ever, and I must admit I’m a bit stressed (it’s like being a star, really… 500 people is almost an opera audience).

This will happen in San Borja (in Lima), at the “Centro de Convenciones INICTEL” at 4.30pm (my speech is at 6.05pm if I remember well).

The speech will be about a basic presentation (30 to 45 minutes) about what the e-learning can do for Peru, and in particular what *Dokeos* can do to enable people to integrate e-learning easily in their colleges, schools and universities.

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  • That event was the worst event I ever assisted to in terms of organisation… Really, not what I expected.

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