Dokeos Latinoamérica in Guatemala – 3-7 of November 2008

Dokeos Latinoamérica will be represented by Julio in Guatemala this week, for an intensive one-week Dokeos training to a Guatemaltec university. Considering the urgent need of this client, we had to rush a visa request at the embassy of Guatemala in Lima on Friday, and Julio left on Sunday morning, getting over there in the afternoon.

Julio will be training a team of teaches, system administrators and other profiles to manage Dokeos from end to end on a Debian Linux server.

He’s already been warned by the host that he *could not* leave the hotel because it is too dangerous, but I’m just wondering how much Julio could be taken for a tourist (he’s got a pretty neutral latinoamerican face for me, but maybe it’s just deadly evident for Guatemaltecs… dunno).

There is a one hour time difference with Lima: they’re one hour behind us.

If you are a Guatemaltec company or institution and you want to know about Dokeos and meet us face to face, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail and I’ll put you in contact with Julio overt there.

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