Fixing WebCalendar 1.2.0 + iCal, in French

While trying to debug WebCalendar 1.2.0 a little, combined with iCal and using French, we found a series of things that might be worth reporting in one go…

First of all, some weird warning messages appear reporting that mb_language() did not understand “French” as a supported language. Basically, the php documentation on mb_language() is quite clear: this function only supports “Japanese”, “ja”, “English”, “en” and “uni” as languages, and is mostly used in the context of e-mails to translate fonts from one language to another. This is fixed by adding a @ in front of the only (I think) call to mb_language() in the WebCalendar code. There is a suggested patch for this in the SourceForge bugtracker for WebCalendar, and it should be inside 1.3.0 (still to be published).

Second, a previous upgrade process seemed to have broken the database permissions (we probably upgraded as root and some database was created during the upgrade, making it impossible for the “webcalendar” user to see it). This is not a WebCalendar bug, but mentioning it here might help some of you. A quick fix to this is to grant all privileges again on the webcalendar database to the webcalendar user, like so: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE webcalendar TO webcalendar; (while connected as the postgres user).

Third, while using French in non-unicode mode, it appears that the French language file is missing the “charset” variable, which then makes it impossible for the system to determine which charset to use. This effectively prevents the title element of the page to be displayed correctly. A quick (and good) fix is to edit the French.txt file and add “ISO-8859-15” as the charset term’s value.

This being said, many problems remain with the iCal client, and this could not be considered by us as a satisfactory solution in comparison to Google Calendars.

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