Getting the Dokeos statistics right…

Following our recent clean-up of the and a lot of talks I’ve been holding about the huuuge Dokeos community, I thought it was strange that these statistics (as can now be seen on did not move a bit after we deleted 200000 users from

Checking all of this very quickly (because we’re still under high work load), I realized there was a little bug in the statistics gathering script which prevented updates, and that there was also a check a little bit too severe, which caused several portals to re-register themselves.

Cleaning all this mess only took about 10 minutes, but reduced our counted community from 1,500,000 to just 500,000 users. Portals fell back from 7500 to just 4400). This being said, and considering the update script was wrong, I’m quite sure the number of users’ll climb back up to a million before we know it (we just have to wait for admins to reload their admin page…).

Dokeos' worldwide community map
Dokeos' worldwide community map - November 2008

These numbers, of course, do not affect the dokeos commercial side too much, as we are still providing good quality service for medium- and high-profile e-learning portals.

I’m still wondering how Moodle gets some 35000 portals. I’m sure they would also drop down a lot if they did revise their statistics scripts. Anyone at Moodle wanting to give me access to this database?


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