Dokeos in Colombia

Dokeos in Colombia
Dokeos in Colombia

I’m leaving in just a few minutes from now for the airport, to go to Colombia for 2 important conferences. One about freedom of knowledge, another about Ubuntu in Colombia. This is the second trip Dokeos makes (officially) outside of Perú this year to hold conferences or provide training.

The first one was in Guatemala earlier this month, for a one-week training to a national university. As Dokeos starts to leave its mark in Latin America, we are starting to get invitations from other countries around us, which I see as a nice sign of progress.

Presenting Dokeos is always a pleasure, as people never seem to cease being impressed by the product and the fact its basic but complete version is free, or maybe by the fact that the lead developer took interest in developing countries of Latin America…

Either way, we’ve put an announcement on the website: to make sure the most people over there get a chance to meet part of the Dokeos team, make suggestions, get questions answered, etc.

I’ll try to show off the new features of Dokeos 1.8.6 there so that people get an idea of what they can expect in mid-December.

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