Dokeos outbeats Moodle’s activity (for now)

I’ve been asked to provide and article about the Dokeos community progress a few days ago, so I wrote a base and we finally get this piece of news on the Dokeos main page.

The activity of Dokeos has truly increased lately, for 3 reasons. Partly due to an increased activity in the Dokeos 2.0 development. Partly due to the integration in our team of 3 new community developers from around Europe (including Bulgary). Partly, also, because Dokeos Latinoamérica integrated 3 new developers to the team as well, who have been working full-time on Dokeos 1.8.6 for a month now.

All these put together give us that nice little chart (generated by Ohloh) growing past the activity of Moodle (which had been hovering far above us for quite a while). It is too soon yet to see a permanent change in behaviour for Moodle, but I sure am happy to see that we are gaining momentum. I think 2008 is the year I’ve worked the most on Dokeos in my whole professional life (OK, there’s only 5 years of such life so far…), and I think this chart is only the beginning of a long-term tendancy. I’m happy to see everybody’s combined efforts are finally showing up in projects statistics.