Dokeos 1.8.6 Beta, the remaining bugs and the schedule

So we have a beta… wow. There’s been plenty of work on that version, but there is still a lot of things to fix. Here’s a quick list of what remains

  • change a few fields definition and come out with a Beta 2
  • improve or fix SCORM export
  • improve or fix course copy (notably new tools are not copied, or document tools breaks in the copy results)
  • fix a few quirks in work tool (with weird letters)
  • fix a bug in course description whereby the FCK Editor doesn’t find the right toolbar (and other minor problems with FCK Editor)
  • improve exercises edition
  • update all buttons to use nice look

Once all this is ready, we are going to give it a full IE7 testing (we’re going to be releasing before IE8 again, so we’re probably going to suffer a lot of user disatisfaction when this one goes out) and then… stable release! Supposedly, this should happen in 3 weeks time (around the 23rd of February), so the deadline is still tight.

We are also introducing very lightly Unit Testing into Dokeos, as well as web services (see posts about the Drupal-Dokeos module).

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