Bye bye ns21589

One of our antique servers at OVH, ns21589, is expiring during the next hour. Making a little bit of cleaning, I see that my oldest file on this one is dated May 2005. Quite a long time ago indeed.

ns21589 has served as the main hosting server for Dokeos for almost 4 years.

During these 4 years, OVH has given us an awful experience of what hosting providers can be bad at (unfair judgment, unskilled staff, excessive response time, DNS servers crash, hosting center’s crash) , and we will certainly not go back to hiring servers with them over the coming years, but ns21589 was one of the servers that did work most of the time and allowed us to respect our hosting contract rules.

Now we have moved to another architecture, much more flexible, much faster and much more powerful at CBlue (I hear they have a new website coming soon, the current one is a bit too simple), which allows us to host very complex server configurations.