Dokeos 1.8.6 BETA 3 is out

After a few weeks of struggling with the dilemn of releasing a third BETA or go directly to the Release Candidates, we finally chose to release a last quick BETA, for a few reasons:

  1. I had introduced a mistake in the code in the BETA 2 package
  2. we drastically improved web services (although this is still very badly documented) and in particular the way the system can connect to external systems
  3. we have fixed a lot of bugs in the new social network section
  4. we have fixed an annoying bug with user images
  5. we have introduced an important change in the management of document templates (which have caused us to re-package and made us loose one full day of work)

Each of these changes involved a structural change in the Dokeos files or database, so we could not declare this version a release candidate.

Although we have worked a lot, there are still a few annoying bugs in Dokeos, which we will tackle before the first Release Candidate:

  1. FCKEditor bugs (the new version brings new features but also new bugs)
  2. Exercise tool usability (still confusing)

Other problems will be solved one by one as you report them, before we get to the stable release at the end of the month.

Please try out this new version, either by downloading it here: or by trying it out here:, and report any problem here:

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  1. Mmm… quickly no (because I don’t have time to do it right now), but you can have a look at the code at the end of main/webservices/user_agenda/service.php (it’s pretty much calling that script with the Dokeos security key and the username as POST arguments).
    You can also change that script to use GET instead of POST.

  2. OK, I studied a little and I learned that:
    If I put in my server a file post.html like



    using the security key stored in

    I’ll obtain an xml file with the list of courses.

    All right?

  3. OK, I think you intend to use an api key assigned to an external site (like google – better a site than each user, too freedom)instead of the security key.
    So the authorized site can post the request of webservices…

  4. At the beginning, we intend, in fact, to use one personal API Key for each user to get his own agenda. We think there is no need to make it possible to anyone to have a specific user’s agenda show (because the personal agenda items are also returned).

    We have a Drupal-Dokeos meeting at the end of the week. I’ll try to change the scripts as soon as possible because it is definitely blocking the development of the module.

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