Quick Perl Regexp in VIM to format e-mails list

I have a list of e-mails that I extracted from MySQL as something like this:

name@example.com firstname lastname

name2@example.com firstname2 lastname2

name3@example.com firstname3 lastname3

and I want them to be in this format:

firstname lastname <name@example.com>

firsntame2 lastname2 <name2@example.com>

firstname3 lastname3 <name3@example.com>

Using VIM, I can do:

:% s/^/</

:% s/s/> /

:% s/(<.*>)s(w*)s(.*$)/2 3 1/

The last one is a bit more complex but uses the n-style references to parenthesed elements in the matching part.

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