Dokeos cPanel upgrade checklist

This is a draft list of what you need to think of when you upgrade a Dokeos from a cPanel install…

  • check you have the sufficient login information to access the Dokeos portal, the cPanel files manager and the cPanel MySQL account for the corresponding Dokeos portal
  • connect to the cPanel server
  • take a backup of the database (possibly through phpMyAdmin if there is no easier way) and download it on your computer (safeguard)
  • connect to the file manager
  • if possible compress the whole Dokeos directory (after a check to see if archive is not filled with garbage – if so, just clean it before you do the backup)
  • download the compressed backup on your computer
  • prepare a Dokeos package (latest version). If there is no prepared package, make sure you take the latest one in the version you need (this might involve doing an SVN export)
  • zip the package
  • upload the package to the server
  • check files permissions (right major ones down) in the web server hierarchy
  • uncompress the Dokeos package on the server, in the right Dokeos folder, so that it overwrites the existing Dokeos
  • get your browser to the /main/install/ directory
  • follow the upgrade procedure
  • check the portal is still working
  • check files permissions (try creating a test course and entering it, for example, this will trigger an error in most cases if something is wrong with your files permissions)
  • delete the latest version of the Dokeos file (that you uploaded above) to clean the mess
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