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Last year, Dokeos Latinoamérica, with the agreement of Thomas, made a deal with Macro Editorial in Peru to edit a series of primary school syllabus under the name “Dokeos Kids”. We also later launched, which has served to host a few ressources since then. Today, Frank Fuentes, the all-in-one man of Macro, came to discuss with me about DOKUDA, the biggest e-learning event in Peru we’re organizing a the end of June, and left me one of the syllabus (I already had two, but this one actually explains Dokeos inside).

No time to scan and present the 4 pages inside right now, but here is the cover:

Peru's Dokeos Kids Syllabus, 5th volume
Peru's Dokeos Kids Syllabus, 5th volume

It’s a syllabus of about 120 pages for 5th primary grade, printed 200.000 times if I remember well, and explaining how to use various tools on a (Windows) computer. Not bad at all, and Mr. Dokeos gets a place of choice in there 🙂

For those of you coming for the event, there will be a few free versions!

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  • wuuu ese es mi libroo!

    • Yannick Warnier
      5 July, 2011 at 11:06 pm  - 

      Hola Deborah, que bueno!

      Bueno, para lo demás ya se sabe lo que siguió, que la comunidad de Dokeos en Perú se convirtió en Comunidad de Chamilo en Perú y se habla menos y menos de Dokeos porque lamentablemente, con la versión 2, han dejado de lado muchos usuarios…

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