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Note: in 2010, after several years of working with Dokeos and for multiple reasons (of which some ethical), we decided to create Chamilo on the ashes of what became the “community edition” of Dokeos. This article is maintained for historical purposes. Chamilo has now considerably outgrown Dokeos in terms of community, software and installations.

I wrote an article on the blog of Dokeos Latinoamérica a few days ago about the new map for Dokeos campuses around the world. Well, here it is (this is generated from data from end of May 2009, so pretty recent at the time of writing)

World map of Dokeos Campuses - May 2009

World map of Dokeos Campuses – May 2009

The main changes are:

  • a twofolds multiplication of the number of portals in most places
  • a better coverage of Africa

With version 1.8.6, we should see the presence of Dokeos spread even more, as it is even easier to handle 1.8.6 than it is to handle 1.8.5 (and it is much more stable as well).

It should be noted that the algorithm is not what it should be, though, and there were large quantities of duplication in reported portals, probably meaning that the total community is in fact 3 to five times smaller… I know, I should fix it.

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