BPC – Blackboard to be replaced by Moodle in one institution

The LMS Evaluation Commitee of the University of North Carolina at Charlorte just published the results of a 5 quarters survey about the implementation of Moodle to replace their current BlackBoard Vista.

Although I don’t particularly like Moodle (mostly because our users find it much more complicated to use than Dokeos), there are two things that I really liked in the results from this report (and I’m sure there are loads of other interesting data in there if you keep your eyes opened):

  • 80% of the 10 teachers having used BlackBoard Vista *and* Moodle fin Moodle more reliable and stable when accessing a course
  • 100% find Moodle easy to use

And here I was, thinking that a huge company like BlackBoard would at least provide some value for their products by ensuring there was almost no bug… seems like I’ve been very wrong.

And to think about the fact that most people find Dokeos much easier to use than Moodle… BlackBoard Vista must be a big piece of ununderstandable software!

One more for the Blackboard Popularity Chronicles 🙂

I’m glad we’re on our way to cover 50% of the Dokeos code with unit tests by the end of July (thanks to BeezNest, Dokeos Latinoamérica and particularly Arthur and Ricardo here, who are having a lot of fun making this a reality).

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