Social network in Dokeos to include RSS feeds

I just commited to the Dokeos SVN a little feature to allow for the inclusion of your RSS feed in your profile. This is a little guide on how to enable this (there’s no other guide available at this point and the interface will not suggest you to do something you don’t even know is possible in Dokeos).

First, get to the admin panel (as admin, obviously) and go to the profile link under the users section.



Once you get on the new screen, click “Add new field” and define a new text field of which the ID *must be* “rssfeeds” (plural)



Submit the form (leave the two last fields empty). Make sure you change the new field to “visible” and “Changeable”.


Now make sure the social tool is enabled. Return to the admin panel and go to the “Configuration settings” under the “Portal” section.


Click the “Tools” section and scroll right until the bottom of the page.


Enable the messaging and the social tools (you could enable just the social tool if you wanted but it is a whole lot more interesting with internal messaging).


Now save these settings changes and go to your profile page (using the profile tab)


Click the “Edit profile” link to edit your profile and enter your blog’s URL in the “RSS feeds” field.



Note that you can provide *more* than one feed if you want to: just separate them with the semi-column character (;), without spaces.

Now everything is configured, go to your “Shared profile” page. You will see that the feeds that you have added now appear at the bottom of the central column. There is currently a fixed limit at 5 posts per feed.

Development notes:

This integration was highly simplified by the Magpie RSS reader, a GPL library written in PHP that allows reading RSS and Atom formats and parsing the results into a simple PHP array.

There is an included caching mechanism (which stores cached pages into the archive/ directory) that refreshes pages only every 60 minutes (see

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