Running OpenERP 5.0.3 from sources on Ubuntu 8.10

$ bzr clone lp:openerp

$ cd openerp

$ ./ -r tag:5.0.3 ../5_0_3

$ cd ../5_0_3/

Open one terminal for the server

$ cd server/bin/

(make sure you have a “terp” user on your system, and that you’re logged as this user, and that there is a “terp” database in your PosgtreSQL server)

$ sudo su terp

$ ./ –db_user=terp –db_host=localhost

Open another terminal for the web client

$ cd web/lib/

$ ./

(this will install all the required missing libs)

$ cd ..

$ ./

Go with your browser to http://localhost:8080/. There you are.

Creating the database and all that is complicated. Have a look at this other article to understand the process.

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