Special courses in Chamilo 1.8.7

Apparently we have to improve our documentation (this is clearly an understatement).

In Chamilo and 1.8.7, there is a new checkbox in the admin panel for courses edition which says “Special course”, and which you can check. Once checked, the course will be visible to all users on top of their courses list.

This feature is there so you can provide a single common course for all users to inform them about the ways to use your campus and to allow them to discuss inside a common forum. I’m sure you might want to use it for other stuff (let us know), but at least we know of these two great ways of using them (be aware that all teachers will have write access to this course).

Another feature that will probably go unnoticed or confuse you (if unexplained) is the auto-redirect of a student to a course if he’s got only one course in his courses list. He will directly be sent to the course when entering the portal, as there’s probably no interest for him in going to the courses list upfront (this might be discussed now with the appearance of the social network tool and personal inbox links on the courses page, but you can choose to send users to the homepage first rather than the courses list). Once inside the course, the student can go back to the courses list. It’s just a login-time effect.

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