Testing Chamilo 1.8.7 on irc on 2010-04-30

Next week we’ll be testing Chamilo 1.8.7 beta instead of 2.0. There will only be one testing session, so we’ll have to split between 3 rooms: content creation, interactions and administration tools. We will have two sessions: one of 2 hours at 2pm Brussels time (noon in UTC), in English, and another one for the two following hours in Spanish (2pm UTC, 9am Lima time) to allow people from Latin America to join us.

Basically, the testing website will be http://chamilodev.beeznest.com and that the issue reporting page will be http://support.chamilo.org/projects/chamilo-18/issues instead of http://support.chamilo.org/projects/chamilo-20/issues for 2.0 reports.
You can join the debug session simply going to the “IRC” button on the left sidebar of the website for the general session. We will make sure you can log to the three different sessions from the same page.

The stable release date is scheduled for May, so we would appreciate all important issue to be detected *before* that. Technically, it should be more challenging to find bugs than it is in 2.0 right now, so I really hope you’ll be there!

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