Adding events management to Drupal 6

Being a repetitive task for me, it’s probably a good idea for me to write this down.

Installing events and events subscription management to Drupal 6 is as easy as installing a few modules and doing a quick setup.

  1. download and install the event module
  2. download and install the signup module
  3. enable the event module and all its sub-modules (don’t check datepicker if you want to go fast, as it will require additional CSS and JS to work)
  4. enable the signup module (required by event-signup)
  5. go to permissions and enable the events and signup features (nodes and signup sections) for user roles as needed (maybe you want to allow anonymous people to signup for events…)
  6. go to content administration -> content type -> event -> edit
  7. in the Signup configuration section, select any of the 2 last options (allowed or enabled) then save
  8. create an event and “enable” the signup option (edit the corresponding elements to suit your needs)

That’s it. Have fun.

Note that the RSVP module should be used to “invite” people, not to enable their signup to your event.

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