Start Chamilo Rapid on localhost

Quite easy to start Chamilo Rapid on your own computer with v3 installed:

soffice -nologo -nofirststartwizard -headless -norestore -invisible “-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=2002,tcpNoDelay=1;urp;”

Then just go into your portal admin page and configure the Chamilo Rapid as localhost on port 2002 and save. This will make the PPT import button appear in your learning paths screen.

If you’d like to leave this running on your server, you should write a proper init.d script, but if you’re in a hurry on a non-critical server, you can always use screen on any recent Linux server and launch the line above, then use CTRL+a, CTRL+d to unlog yourself from the screen’d terminal without shutting down the service.

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