Chamilo certification program

This is still under construction, but some of the certification exams are already ready to be taken. We expect the following levels of certification to be available to the Chamilo community through Latinux online tests for the most basic, and through an official Latinux center for the more advanced ones.

For teachers:

  • Certified Chamilo LMS Course Builder (CCHACB, or CHACOBU)
  • Certified Chamilo lms Course Teacher (CCHACT, or CHACOTE)
  • Certified Chamilo lms Course Specialist (CCHACS, or CHACOS)

For admins:

  • Certified Chamilo lms Portal Assistant (CCHAPA)
  • Certified Chamilo lms Portal Builder (CCHAPB)
  • Certified Chamilo lms Portal Specialist (CCHAPS)
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