Chamilo 1.9… getting back to 3 digits

We are currently approaching the 1.9 release of Chamilo. In the inner circles, it will be called 1.9.0 as it will be followed by one or two other bugfix releases.

During the past years, we started getting into details of, etc. In my view, this was a bad decision. While it’s OK to have lots of number within the inner circle of developers (because it allows us to focus on the details), it is definitely confusing to the end user having to deal (mentally) with 4 digits in a version number.

We started going deeper in the version when the doubt was still present about the merge with Chamilo 2.0 (now “Chamilo LCMS”), to avoid confusing people and making it somewhat natural to expect a 1.9, then the move to 2.0. But this merge has now been postponed to two years from now, and the team of Chamilo LCMS now decided to name their new version “3.0”, so it doesn’t make any sense anymore for us to remain stuck in the normal numbering.

In fact, most people just call the “Chamilo 1.8”, or just “Chamilo 8”. And they should! It makes no sense to be using so many numbers to identify a version before the public.

So we decided to get back to a simple 2-digits number (commercially) and a 3-digits number for the fixes. 1.9 will be released before the end of the month, while 1.9.2 should be out in a month or so in case we find any remaining bug.

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