Enable Tagalog fonts in Firefox/Ubuntu

Tagalog is the national language of Philippines and, although it’s now written mainly in latin fonts (as Wikipedia reports), it can also be found written using the Baybayin script.Well, somehow, it seems difficult to find any relevant information on how to display Baybayin fonts in your browser in Ubuntu. After a little bit of common web research, then a bit of trial-and-error research, I found out you can install the required fonts by installing the “unifont” package:

sudo apt-get install unifont

Then just refresh your browser and you’re ready to read this very exotic writing!

Did you know we were going to have a Tagalog translation for Chamilo soon? It’s been financed by the Linux Fund, and we’re very glad they did!

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  • Yes you’re right.. thanks for the info.. it help me to understand tagalog, since my customer start to come from Phillipines.. thank you so much…

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