E-learning quality evaluation methods

The written proceedings of the 2011’s International Conference on e-Learning in Serbia caught my eye with an article called “HYBRID MODEL FOR E-LEARNING QUALITY EVALUATION” by Suzana Savić, Miomir Stanković and Goran Janaćković, not actually for the hybrid model (although it has its merits), but mainly for listing projects analysing different aspects of e-learning quality (resulting in evaluation models) actually available right now, which I want to list here for later reference:

  • Supporting Excellence in E-Learning (SEEL)
  • Sustainable Environment for the Evaluation of Quality in E-Learning (SEEQUEL)
  • The quality of e-learning: evaluation of training effectiveness and impact measures (Qual E-learning)
  • The European Quality Observatory (EQO) Model: A Conceptual Model for Classification of Quality Approaches
  • Quality, Interoperability and Standards in e-learning (QUIS)
  • European University Quality in eLearning (UNIQUe)
  • E-Quality in E-Learning Research Laboratory (EQUEL)
  • Benchmarking of Virtual Campuses (BENVIC)
  • Reffering Innovative Technologies and Solutions for Ubiquitous Learning (CHIRON)
  • E-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) benchmarking

The article goes on reviewing those projects and the number of measurements they define, which should serve as a reference

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