Versions of PHP in Ubuntu

or how to know which version of Ubuntu you need for each version of PHP

If you have to maintain an open source project written in PHP, like we do with Chamilo at BeezNest, you’ll have to test your software on multiple versions of PHP to make sure of how well your code is supported on these versions.

Of course, being open source, you can publish it on Github and then benefit from Travis-CI to get tests run automatically, but some stuff might be tricky to do, and maybe you’d like to test one specific thing, quickly, under a specific PHP version.

Well, it turns out you can probably do that with Docker. But before you start using it, this list might just be what you need… and it shows the relationship between each Ubuntu version and a PHP version, so you know which Ubuntu image to load to get the expected version of PHP.

Ubuntu version Ubuntu version name PHP version
10.04 Lucid 5.3.1
10.10 Maverick 5.3.3
11.04 Natty 5.3.5
11.10 Oneiric 5.3.6
12.04 Precise 5.3.10
12.10 Quantal 5.4.6
13.04 Raring 5.4.9
13.10 Saucy 5.5.3
14.04 Trusty 5.5.9
14.10 Utopic 5.5.12
15.04 Vivid 5.6.4
15.10 Wily 5.6.11
16.04 Xenial 5.6.14
16.10 Yakkety ?
17.04 Zesty ?
17.10 Artful ?
18.04 Bionic 7.2.24
18.10 Cosmic ?
19.04 Disco ?
19.10 Eoan 7.3.11
20.04 Focal 7.4

If you have doubts, you can always find packages information from here: or the linked repository sites.

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