Chamilo admin page slow – disable version check

In some very strict cases of network filtering, you might realize that your Chamilo server is slow when using the administration pages, but is actually very fast for the rest and doesn’t use your server excessively in any measure. The…

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Run automated tests in Chamilo 1.8.8

You probably know we have the automated tests in Chamilo 1.8.8 LMS (a few thousands, actually), that guarantee a better quality of delivery. But sometimes you might wonder how to actually run those tests, so you can be an official…

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Drupal 6: embedding just about any content securely

Introduction: the requirements A customer of ours wanted a website which could manage the integration of just about any external content (meaning video, audio, images, but also Google docs, slides from Slideshare and books from Scribd) in a ‘Resource’ content…

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