• Chamilo + Zoom Integration: Status for March 2020

    In time of COVID-19, we are (relatively obviously) inundated with calls and e-mails from people inquiring not only for Chamilo hosting (and other) services, but also for asynchronous communications for students and teachers alike. Suffice to say that there are already several options to do that in Chamilo: a global chat box allows you to […]

  • Installation guide for Chamilo 1.11.10 (with Git) on DigitalOcean with PHP7.2

    This guide will take you through the process of installing the Chamilo e-learning portal, version 1.11.10 on a fresh DigitalOcean instance,on an Ubuntu 18.04 64bit distribution. To follow this guide, you should be familiar with the notion of SSH keys and installing/configuring server software on Ubuntu. Previous articles on this blog explain how to install […]

  • Using Chamilo for MOOCs

    Although the hype around MOOCs has faded a bit already, these Massively Open Online Courses are now part of the daily internet products or services you can invest in to make your professional or personal life better in the short, medium or even long term. But where some platforms like EdX clearly specialize in MOOCs, […]

  • Why is the Chamilo package so big?

    In recent years, the Chamilo LMS software we develop has grown in size, to something that many people might consider unreasonable (to some extent, we do too). This article explains why the Chamilo package for Chamilo 1.11.8 weighs 1100MB (yeah, 1.1GB!) or, in its compressed form, about 285MB. We’ve heard comments of many people about […]

  • Chamilo LMS at #iLearningForum 2018 in Paris – France

    Next January 23 and 24, another edition of the prestigious international Learning Technologies France 2018 event (# LT18France) is held, which also includes #iLearningForum 2018, an activity that brings together leading companies and learning professionals from all over Europe. Chamilo LMS and the BeezNest group will be participating in this important activity in Europe in […]

  • Assignments in LMS: How to cope with disk space issues

    In this article, we’ll talk about managing an LMS when all institutional assignments handed in by students have to be handed in through the LMS, and what that means if you have several thousand students. This case is based on one of our customers which provides in-class English courses to about 55,000 students in a […]

  • Remove permanent redirect (HTTP 301) cache in Firefox

    As a web developer configuring SSL certificates on websites you deliver, as we do, you might be faced, one day, with a small issue about configuring a 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS that has to be reverted. It so happens that browsers *really* take it to heart to cache an HTTP 301 (permanent redirect) […]

  • Chart of execution time between dirname(__FILE__) and __DIR__ in PHP, showing 4 to 10 times efficiency improvement using __DIR__

    dirname(__FILE__) vs __DIR__, which is faster?

    If you’re developing PHP software today but studied PHP based on old-ish manuals or manuals written by people who did, you might find a mix of calls to dirname(__FILE__) and __DIR__ and wonder what the difference is… Past the fact that there is no real difference I could find in the data returned, it is […]

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B picture

    Chamilo 1.11 on Raspberry Pi 3 for off-the-grid situations

    This article can be considered an update of our first article on installing Chamilo (on a Raspberry Pi B+). This time, we are testing it with Raspberry 3, as of the 1st of April 2017 (no joke intended). Last time, we were testing with Chamilo 1.9, which is arguably less load-intensive, considering it doesn’t include […]