• Change the URL of a Chamilo portal copy

    There is a surprising number of cases where you’d want to change the URL of a Chamilo portal, but the more common we see is when you take a backup copy of a portal and want to use that copy to build a new test portal. Obviously, if you keep the same URL, you’re going […]

  • Ergonomics: The luxury quality of a good LMS

    Ergonomics and usability with Chamilo LMS. Sometimes Open Source software gets criticized for lacking behind proprietary software when talking about compelling interfaces. Many people in our community, after spending years with other solutions, describe our software, Chamilo LMS, as the easiest to use and to manage. We would like to take this opportunity to explain […]

  • Chamilo, BeezNest and the Chamilo Association

    Understanding the differences between Chamilo (LMS), BeezNest and the Chamilo Association Truth be told, we didn’t do a lot of efforts to make this clear in the past, but as Chamilo LMS growth more popular and the business needs around Chamilo increase considerably, I feel like things should be set straight to avoid confusion and […]

  • Installation guide for Chamilo 1.10.x on Digital Ocean with PHP7

    This guide will take you through the process of installing Chamilo 1.10 (from Github sources) for testing on a fresh Digital Ocean instance, on an Ubuntu 16.04 distribution. A previous article on this blog explains how to install Chamilo 1.9 using Juju Charms and another article explains how to install 1.10.2 on Ubuntu 15.10. The […]

  • Change SVG icons to grayscale with Inkscape

    If you design your icons in SVG with Inkscape and wonder how to quickly make an “inactive” icon in grayscale, here’s a quick fix (at least for Linux users): inkscape -f teacher_na.svg –verb EditSelectAll –verb org.inkscape.color.desaturate.noprefs –verb FileSave –verb FileQuit This will edit your file in-place (so you need to take a copy first) and […]

  • Installing Chamilo 1.10 on CentOS 7

    For those of you looking for a guide to install Chamilo 1.10 on CentOS, have a look here for a great community contribution by Arun Pyasi:

  • MySQL repair tables

    If you’re ever stuck with broken tables in MySQL or MariaDB and you don’t know which, you can use the mysqlcheck command to repair them all, one by one (you can also use the –optimize argument). mysqlcheck -u root -p –auto-repair –all-databases

  • NuSOAP support for PHP 5.4

    If you’ve been using or maintaining support for NuSOAP lately, you’ve certainly realized that it does not work properly anymore. This is because NuSOAP isn’t maintained anymore, so a lot of things are bound to stop working as PHP versions drop support (or tolerance) for specific code. Well apparently, there are fixes around. Notably, for […]

  • Git fetch (very) hard

    When you play a lot with branches and kind of keep track of what should or shouldn’t be merged between them, there’s kind of a magical set of commands to force-overwrite your code with a specific branch: git fetch –all git reset –hard origin/master Make sure you have commited all your changes to some branch […]