• Free photos for commercial use

    Quickly finding free pictures to use on a website is more complicated than one would think. Most professional photo sites offer a huge collection of pictures. These pictures are cheap and of good quality but I had a hard time finding something equivalent for free even in the case of commercial use. After a long […]

  • “Business Shame” series introduction

    In our business, probably like in every type of business, you stumble once in a while on companies that do the same kind of thing as you do, but that do it so badly that it puts the reputation of your specific sub-indutry in danger. Sadly, these businesses often survive for a long time repeating […]

  • Answer under the question: example

    This article was first written in January 2004 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/103) You should always try to answer right under the question when replying to an e-mail. This is only to ensure maximum readability, which is the goal of what you write. Here is a (fake) short example: 1) No! 2) I’ve been […]

  • Why Debian GNU/Linux?

    Debian GNU/Linux is one of the main and earlier GNU/Linux distribution. You may wonder why it is our preferred distribution. Here is why [1]. it is entirely Free Software it is entirely done by volunteers, and, as such, is not dependent upon any single company anywhere (it also means no-one could ever claim you anything for […]

  • SPIP Pocket Reference

    What How Example Line break n New paragraph “An empty line” Italic {“text”} italic Bold {{“text”}} bold Typewriter ((“text”)) Typewriter Horizontal line —- Link (absolute) [BeezNest->http://beeznest.net] BeezNest Link (mail) [Nobody->mailto:nobody@spam.foo] Nobody Link (relative) [Label->/] Label Link (internal auto) [->object_name id] SPIP Pocket Reference Image (absolute, relative) <image http://www.debian.org/Pics/logo-50.jpg> Image (absolute, relative) <image http://www.debian.org/Pics/logo-50.jpg 50*30> Image […]

  • Apero-Tux

    During the event Journées du Libre in Brussels last week, somebody came up with a great decorative apetizer idea for Linux events. Check out the pictures on the original site here I took the liberty to copy them over here, just in case they would be lost and without backup 🙂 The main components are […]

  • Marketing FLOSS

    This article is incomplete and was first written in January 2007 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/354). This article is a list of interesting articles for FLOSS solutions marketing in general European Commission pushes FLOSS solutions forward as economic in the long run, despite major investment in terms of initial training: http://www.zdnet.fr/actualites/informatique/0,39040745,39366267,00.htm?xtor=1 http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/ict/policy/doc/2006-11-20-flossimpact.pdf http://www.indexel.net/1_6_4741__3_/15/89/1/Applications_en_ligne___70___des_entreprises_en_redemandent.htm?origin=900

  • MIRA ASP Features list

    This article was first written in May 2006 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/335). Supported document types Here is the impressive list of supported document types in the MIRA system. e-mails Word Excel PDF TIFF HTML … Supported input methods Here is the impressive list of ways of entering documents into the MIRA system. IMAP […]

  • MIRA

    This article was first written in April 2006 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/332). MIRA is a full-featured Knowledge Management application, where focus has been put on ease of use while entering and retrieving your information. We participated in its development and design, and are quite confident it will help out a lot of people […]