Testing Chamilo 1.8.7 on irc on 2010-04-30

Next week we’ll be testing Chamilo 1.8.7 beta instead of 2.0. There will only be one testing session, so we’ll have to split between 3 rooms: content creation, interactions and administration tools. We will have two sessions: one of 2…

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Special courses in Chamilo 1.8.7

Apparently we have to improve our documentation (this is clearly an understatement). In Chamilo and 1.8.7, there is a new checkbox in the admin panel for courses edition which says “Special course”, and which you can check. Once checked,…

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Chamilo 1.8.7: exceeding e-learning users expectations

As we are closing in on the first Alpha release of Chamilo, we can already see the first glance of the large e-learning machine being built here. In only 3 months, we’ll have passed from a first, timid, release of…

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