DNS optimization

DNS optimization is a technique by which you optimize (i.e. you reduce) the time required for any browser to find your website. It might seem ridiculous at first, but having bad DNS providers can make your site load in about…

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Style broken when installing Dokkeos on one local computer then seeing it from another

A frequent question I’ve been asked is why, when installing Dokeos on a local computer, then trying to see it from another computer, the styles are broken (the homepage appears as a list of links from top to bottom). This…

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HOWTO Configure a DNS server using BIND

This article was first written in May 2005 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/261). The config files named.conf named.conf.local zone “example.com” { type master; file “/etc/bind/db.example.com”; allow-query { any; }; allow-transfer { trusted; }; }; db.example.com Some definitions SOA Start…

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