Avoiding the eternal effect of an HTTP 301 permanent redirect

This article should be extended soon, but in the meantime, we thought this article Mark S. Kolich couldn’t be missed if you’re having issues with HTTP 301 permanent redirect configurations. http://mark.koli.ch/set-cache-control-and-expires-headers-on-a-redirect-with-mod-rewrite An interesting discussion was also going on in the…

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What HTTP headers do browsers send on CTRL+F5?

If you’ve been into website development, and in particular website optimization, you probably have stumbled upon that question at least once: what HTTP headers do the different browsers send when the user presses F5 or (even better) CTRL+F5, to make…

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HTTP persistent connections to a server

My work and readings have lead me through a lot of things related to the simultaneity of connections from a browser (client) to a web server and the HTTP context in which all that happens. It is still a bit…

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